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In today's world of fiscal constraint, heightened accountability and oversight requirements and staying the course has become an anachronism. Instead the need for continuous improvement has dictated that organizations evolve in order to survive in a highly competitive business environment. At Intergage, we strive to develop new and innovative methodologies to enhance operations, improve service delivery and support business transformation.

From specific short-term assistance around issue analysis or problem solving to more broadly based strategic planning and change management processes, Intergage can work with you to assess your current environment, define a vision for the future, establish plans that will help you achieve your vision, and develop meaningful ways to evaluate results.

The drive to find new ways to solve current and emerging challenges is integral to the ongoing planning process. However, many organizations find it difficult to challenge existing assumptions and get staff to reconsider "the way we do things around here". Our consultants have the change management experience to effectively plan change; assess risks; engage key stakeholders; transform organizational culture; business lines, services; and measure results. We will help challenge group thinking - encouraging that long held assumptions be revisited, and generate solutions that respond to current and future challenges.

Once solutions, directions and priorities are identified, we work with you to develop integrated business plans and/or change-management strategies that correspond to new strategic goals, programs and policies. We work with you to identify all internal processes, practices and services/products that must change, and help address the organizational culture issues that can block successful change initiatives.

Finally, we work with your leadership teams and employees to facilitate the transition from old to new ways of doing business. We do this by supporting a process that engages employees and key stakeholders in the change process. Specifically we strongly support the belief that "employees support what they help create". In other words - effective engagement and involvement equates strongly with ownership and buy-in.

Intergage works with you to meet your business transformation requirements using some of the following change management processes:

  • Mapping future requirements/directions in relation to corporate/shareholder priorities
  • Whole system analysis and current state assessment including key stakeholder consultations, SWOT, gap analysis, risk assessments, etc.
  • Strategic/integrated planning including confirming vision, mission and future directions and priorities
  • Development of business and/or change management strategies and supporting plans for monitoring implementation and measuring results
  • Establish change teams and terms of reference as well as change agents to help engage employees at all levels in the organization in the change process;
  • Work with stakeholders to understand how their roles and behaviors must change in order to contribute to the change process;
  • Knowledge mapping and transfer;
  • Communications planning; and
  • Assessment of leadership capacity to lead change as well as organizational change readiness.

The Need for Integrated Planning
Often, leaders and managers are so preoccupied with day-to-day responsibilities that they rarely give sufficient time and attention to strategic planning yet isolated planning or tweaking at the edges no longer supports the requirements of a dynamic and interconnected world. Today, the focus is on integrating business and HR planning processes to ensure that critical resource requirements are reflected at critical business strategy decision points. To plan properly for the future, leaders need to understand whether or not the workforce is prepared and able to support business directions, and whether or not they need to make critical investments to support future requirements. Equally important is understanding what the critical knowledge and expertise that is required to support the change process and achieve the renewed vision

Our recent experience in planning and leading change includes some of the following projects (and clients):

  • Governance and Program Review ( Youth Education Canada; Foreign Affairs and International Development Canada )
  • Assessment of Federal-Provincial-Territorial Relationship Management ( Public Safety Canada )
  • Knowledge and Skills Strategy ( Ontario Government )
  • A Renewed Vision for the Common Drug Review (Canadian Diabetes Association)
  • Facilitation/Consulting Services to Design a Retreat for the Eastern Regional Office Senior Management Team to support Strategic Planning (Ministry of Community and Social Services)
  • Development of a new Integrated Planning Process and Support to Implementation (Corporate Service Branch, Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages)
  • Planning Professional and Practice Change within the Pharmacy Profession (Canadian Pharmacists Association)
  • Planning Professional and Practice Change for Nurse Practitioners (Canadian Nurses Association)
  • Change Management Strategy and Monitoring Framework for the Environmental Protection Modernization Plan (Habitat Management Program, Department of Fisheries and Oceans)
  • Strategic Planning to Support the Transformation to a Shared Service Model (Shared Services Office, Natural Resources Canada)
  • Strategic Planning Process (Human Resources and Security Management Brunch, Natural Resources Canada)
  • Integrated Business Plan and HR Strategy (Aquaculture Management Directorate, Department of Fisheries and Oceans)
  • Assessment of the Ontario Public Service's Local Realignment Change Initiatives (Ontario Government)
  • Integrated Planning Process (Corporate Services Sector, Department of Fisheries and Oceans)
  • Strategic Planning (Bureau of Women's Health and Gender Analysis, Health Canada)
  • Priority Setting and Business Planning Process (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
  • Regional Operations Review and Operational Realignment (International Development Research Centre)
  • Organizational Change Management Initiative (Caribbean Development Bank)
  • Renewal of the Jamaican Customs Department (Jamaican Government)
  • Change Management and HR Strategy (Income Security Programs, Human Resources Development Canada)
  • Accountability and Governance Review of the Ontario Region (Human Resources Development Canada)
  • A Review of Large-Scale Organizational Change Management in the Ontario Public Service (Ontario Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs)
  • A Review of Alternative Service Delivery Models (Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada)

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