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In today's complex world, leaders need to go further than planning for change, they also need to monitor their plans and evaluate outcomes. Demonstrating results is increasingly challenging, since results are rarely achieved in isolation but rather through partnerships. This can make it much more difficult to report on outcomes and attribute results.

At Intergage, we strive to develop new and innovative methodologies for assessing overall performance and measuring and demonstrating results. We have a reputation for using innovative and creative approaches to measuring outcomes that are more broadly based and less tangible. By blending traditional approaches with new techniques, such as Outcome Mapping we can capture qualitative as well as quantitative data. We strive to meet the evaluation challenge of making attribution to an organization or effort when initiatives and programs are often delivered through partnerships. Our experience has allowed us to develop advanced and innovative project planning, monitoring and evaluation tools to measure outcomes, particularly those associated with "softer" outcomes such as capacity building, partnership leveraging and behavioural change..

We have extensive experience in undertaking evaluations of, and developing evaluation frameworks for, complex public and privately-based organizations and programs. Our success at planning for ongoing requirements, developing change initiatives and measuring results is supported by our ability to work with your leadership teams to ensure they have the capacity to lead in times of change. Furthermore, we bring unparalleled experience in helping government organizations deal with emerging ethics and values management issues. We can take the "ethics pulse" of your organization in a sensitive, respectful way that will lead to consensus around the issues of greatest importance and guidance regarding the best ways to move forward.

Our organizational assessment expertise includes:

  • Evaluation and audit including logic model and evaluation framework development
  • Performance management, measurement and monitoring
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Assessment of values and ethics frameworks, structures and processes including developing code of conducts, standards to support internal disclosures processes

Our recent experience in assisting organizations with monitoring and assessing organizational effectiveness includes some of the following projects (and clients):

  • Development of Risk-based Performance Monitoring Framework ( Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer, Treasury Board Secretariat )
  • Evaluation and Performance Measurement Plan ( Statistics Canada )
  • Voting Rules, Civic Education Program Formative Evaluation (Elections Canada)
  • Implementation Evaluation of the Drug Treatment Funding Program (Health Canada)
  • Program and Service Mapping for Service Canada Client Segments (Service Canada)
  • Evaluation of the Early Impacts of Employment Insurance (EI) Automation and Modernization activities (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada Canada)
  • Student Vote Program Evaluation (Elections Canada)
  • Evaluation of the Retention and Recruitment Initiatives in Alberta (The United Nurses of Alberta / Alberta Health Services / Health and Wellness Alberta)
  • Formative Evaluation of the Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills Program (Human Resources and Social Development Canada)
  • Performance Measurement Framework for Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security (Public Safety Canada)
  • Evaluation of Diabetes Community-Programming (Public Health Agency of Canada)
  • Strategic Evaluation of the Federal Government’s Workplace Equity Programs (Human Resources and Social Development Canada)
  • Strategic Review of the Federal Diabetes Policy (Public Health Agency of Canada)
  • Strategic Communications Audit (National Capital Commission)
  • Review of Public Consultation Practices (National Capital Commission)
  • Implementation and Evaluation Framework to Support Nurse Practitioner Integration into Primary Health Care (Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative)
  • Implementation and Evaluation Framework and Toolkit for Integrative Nursing Services (First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada)
  • Jurisdictional Scan and Literature Review of Direct Funding Policies and Practices and Approaches to Measuring Outcomes (Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services)
  • Literature and Jurisdictional Reviews of Outcome-Based Accountability for Human Services Delivery (Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services)
  • Jurisdictional Review of Direct Funding Models for the Delivery of Disability Services (Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services)
  • Formative and Summative Evaluation Framework for the National Literacy Secretariat (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada)
  • Evaluation of National Literacy Secretariat (Human Resources Development Canada)
  • Evaluations of the COX-2 Inhibitors and Silicone Breast Implants Public Forums (Health Canada)
  • Evaluation Framework for Public Forum Processes (Health Canada)
  • Evaluation Framework for the Global Education Program (CHF)
  • Evaluation of the Second Canadian Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation (Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation)
  • Evaluation of the Communications Division (International Development Research Centre)
  • Policy Capacity Evaluation Framework (Policy Research Initiative)
  • Formative Evaluation of Bellanet (International Development Research Centre)

Our recent experience in assisting organizations with strengthening organizational values and ethics includes some of the following projects (and clients):

  • Harrasement and Discrimination Survey(Canadian International Development Agency)
  • A Best Practices Review of Organizational Ethics Frameworks and the Development of a Code of Conduct and Procedures for Internal Disclosure of Wrongdoing (International Development Research Centre)
  • Membership-Wide Consultation on Values and Ethics in the Federal Public Service (Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada)
  • Review of the Federal Government's Harassment Management System (Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada)
  • Employee Consultations on Values and Ethics (International Development Research Centre)
  • Employee Consultations on Values and Ethics (Micro Economic Policy Branch, Industry Canada)
  • Preparation of the Annual Reports on the Federal Government's Internal Disclosure Policy and Harassment Policy (Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada)
  • Preparation of the Report on the Centre-wide Review of the Employment Philosophy (International Development Research Centre)

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