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In today's economy, knowledge is the most valuable asset. Success depends on attracting, developing and transferring this knowledge. But every day, those crucial organizational assets - the people who possess the knowledge - walk out the door. The challenge is to develop a positive work environment and provide opportunities that will attract employees back every day. The key is to recognize that everything employers do, or overlook - from orientation programs to compensation, training, development opportunities, leadership, and internal communications - affects employee motivation and performance.

Intergage works with you to meet HR challenges and requirements such as:

  • Repositioning the HR function as a strategic business partner
  • Aligning employees with corporate objectives and directions
  • Strategic and integrated HR planning
  • Workforce assessment
  • Talent Management including recruitment and retention strategies
  • Knowledge management and transfer strategy and toolkit development
  • Designing and undertaking staffing processes
  • Development of competency profiles
  • Creating and supporting a diverse workforce
  • Succession planning
  • Learning strategies, including training and development
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Performance management
  • Management and employee accountabilities

Increasingly, employers are challenged to create diverse work environments that attract and retain a workforce that is representative of the population being served. In many cases, different branches within an organization face different labour markets and challenges. Our tailored solutions approach identifies these differences while helping you develop HR strategies, policies and practices that will support business and workforce requirements and ensure employee goals and aspirations are aligned with strategic organizational objectives. At the same time, we identify and work with you to resolve potential problems in relation to organizational design, barriers to creating a diverse and engaged workforce, policy requirements, leadership, management capacity, workload management, and other factors that can frustrate employees, impede performance and lead to unnecessary staff turnover.

Of course, managing change and implementing new policies while trying to carry on business is a daunting challenge. Our approach is to establish priorities and help you move, step by step, towards a strategic human resources management system that can drive your organization forward.

Our recent experience in assisting organizations with their talent management initiatives includes some of the following diverse projects (and clients):

  • Talent Management Risk Profile and Performance Monitoring Framework ( Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer, Treasury Board Secretariat )
  • Development of Biologist occupational classification Competency Framework ( Fisheries and Oceans Canada )
  • Making the Grade: Human Resources Challenges and Opportunities for Highly Qualified People in Canadian Mining ( Mining Industry Human Resource Council )
  • Cross Canada Consultation on the Red Seal Program ( Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship )
  • Omnibus HR Staffing Project ( Aquaculture Management Directorate, Department of Fisheries and Oceans )
  • Development of BI Competency Framework for Ecosystems &Fisheries Management( Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
  • Knowledge Management and Transfer for the Electricity Industry in Canada (Electricity Sector Council)
  • Development of Competency Profiles for Marine Communications and Traffic Services Officers and Officer Shift Supervisors (Canadian Coast Guard/Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
  • Evaluation of the Retention and Recruitment Initiatives in Alberta (The United Nurses of Alberta / Alberta Health Services / Health and Wellness Alberta)
  • Commerce Officer Competency Framework and Career Progression Program (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
  • Knowledge and Skills Strategy Targets Project (Ontario Ministry of Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities)
  • Design & Delivery of Various Competency-Based Recruitment Assessment Processes (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
  • Strategic Evaluation of the Federal Government's Workplace Equity Programs (Human Resources and Social Development Canada)
  • 2011, 2008 and 1998 Quick-Pulse Employee Surveys (International Development Research Centre)
  • Study of HR Challenges Affecting the Pharmacy Profession in Canada (Canadian Pharmacy Association)
  • HR Sector Study of the Canadian Biotechnology Sector (Biotechnology Human Resource Council)
  • National Recruitment and Retention Strategy Development including an Employment Equity Review (Department of Fisheries and Oceans)
  • Assessment of Workforce Diversity and System Supports (Natural Resources Canada)
  • Branding the Federal Public Service (Treasury Board Secretariat)
  • Strategy Document for Using the Multicultural Act to Support Federal Employment Equity Objectives (Treasury Board Secretariat)
  • Strategic Review of the Self-Identification Process under the Employment Equity Act (Treasury Board Secretariat)
  • Audit of a Training and Development Framework (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions)
  • HR Sector Study of Canadian Municipalities (Federation of Canadian Municipalities / Human Resources Development Canada)
  • Change Management and HR Strategy to Support Services Modernization (Income Security Programs Branch, Human Resources Development Canada)
  • HR Strategy Development, Succession Planning and Regional Workforce Assessment (Income Security Programs Branch, Human Resources Development Canada)
  • Strategic Visioning and Membership Consultation (Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada)
  • HR Benchmarking (International Development Research Centre)
  • Employee Climate Survey (International Development Research Centre)
  • A Survey of Canadian University/College Students on their thoughts of the federal Public Service (Public Service Commission)
  • Organizational Benchmarking (Treasury Board Secretariat)
  • A Best Practices Review on Volunteer Management (CHF)

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